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Board of Directors

Michele Bubert

Chair, Executive Board of Directors

As Chair of the Executive Board of Directors, Michele Bubert represents with a distinctive blend of expertise. As the CEO of Oregon Coast VIP Marketing, she infuses over a decade of experience in marketing and business development into the Chamber of Commerce. Michele’s commitment to community service is eminent, taking charge of initiatives like The New and Long Term Resident Meet & Greet events. Active in the Marketing, Events, and PR/Media Committee, Michele collaborates with the chamber's board and staff to launch programs that bolster local business vitality. Advocating for the Curry County  business community, Michele’s contributions to the Executive Board and Chamber are focused on identifying opportunities and providing essential resources and support to enhance the vitality of the local community.

Board member

David Allen

Vice Chair, Executive Board of Directors

David Allen brings a personal touch as Vice Chair, with a rich background that includes extensive travel and a deep appreciation for diverse cultures. With roots spread across Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, and California, his life's journey has cultivated a profound gratitude for his home country, especially after backpacking through Europe. A family man with two free-thinking teenagers, David is also a self-made entrepreneur in the insurance and financial services sectors, operating in what he fondly refers to as "God’s Country." His commitment to the local community is multifaceted—supporting law enforcement, engaging in hobbies like boating, and cherishing local connections. David looks forward to contributing his entrepreneurial spirit and community values to the Chamber's mission.

Board member

Marie Curtis

Secretary, Executive Board of Directors

Marie Curtis, who holds the vital role serving on the Executive Board of Directors-Secretary. She brings over 15 years of her extensive experience in real estate to her current position as Owner and Broker of Re/Max Coast and Country Real Estate. Her commitment to the community is evident through her active involvement in sponsoring local businesses and participating in various business networks. With a deep connection to the community, Marie collaborates with the national film company, Explore My Town, to increase the visibility of local businesses using video and social media platform. Serving as a key player on the Chamber of Commerce's Marketing, Events, and PR/Media Committee, Marie is instrumental in executing strategies that foster business growth and community prosperity. She is dedicated to showcasing the region as an exceptional place for business and lifestyle.

Board member

Clar Byers

Treasurer, Executive Board of Directors

Clar Byers, the Treasurer, offers steadfast fiscal guidance with his extensive background as a CPA. Since settling in the Crescent City area in 1974.  A graduate of Del Norte High School and holder of a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from California State University, Humboldt, Clar's expertise is certified in both California and Oregon. Joining Cholwell, Benz and Hartwick in 1990 and becoming a partner in 1996, he now applies his financial acumen to enhance the Chamber's economic resilience and integrity.


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